Fun Destinations For Wearing Your Open Toe Athletic Shoes

Summer is the prime time to wear your OpeToz® shoes.  Keeping your feet cool can help regulate your body temperature, and what better way can you cool off than by wearing open toe athletic shoes? We know what you must be thinking: you could simply wear a pair of flip flops instead. However, flimsy flip-flops fall apart easily and are uncomfortable for walking long distances. Furthermore, they offer no support whatsoever, so your dogs will be barking if you can even get through an entire day wearing flip flops. You could consider wearing sandals, but once again, they leave much to be desired as far as support is concerned. The beauty of our open toe walking shoes is that they are as beautiful as they are comfortable. We designed our footwear with a desire to combine support and comfort with a gorgeous streamlined design. If you are a fan of OpeToz and enjoy traveling, keep reading to find some great places to wear your open toe tennis shoes.

Destin, Florida

What’s not to love about a good beach town? Located in northwest Florida, your entire family can enjoy the many offerings of this beach town. Renowned for their shimmery white sand and emerald green water, Destin’s Gulf of Mexico beaches are truly spectacular. If you are a fan of fishing, this is the town for you due to its abundance of underwater creatures. Ladies who love to shop have a great time in Destin, which features a wide variety of retail stores. Whether you are hitting up the stores or walking on the beach, make sure to wear your OpeToz. Our footwear will protect your feet from the scorching heat of the sand while still giving you the support to wear all day.

Noah’s Ark Water Park

Believe it or not, the tiny town of Wisconsin Dells includes the largest concentration of water parks in the world with 28 water parks. Because it is the waterpark capital of the world, you can choose between a variety of both indoor and outdoor water parks to attend. One of the most well-known water parks in this area is Noah’s Ark Water park, which includes 51 slides and rides. Are you an adrenaline junkie? You might like the Scorpion’s Tail, a 10-story high slide that is 400 feet long. Considered America’s first nearly vertical water slide loop, this ride will push your daredevil tendencies to the limit. With so many rides to attend, you’ll do quite a bit of walking, so you better bring your open toe walking shoes with you. At the end of the day, you may feel spent from all those crazy rides, but you can rest assured knowing that your feet won’t be hurting.

These are only two locations where you can wear your OpeToz, but you’ll discover that there are so many more places to sport your fashion forward kicks. Check out our open toe athletic shoes to find your new favorite footwear today. Shop our selection of open toe tennis shoes today.

Written by Helen Ketcham

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