Our Open Toe Athletic Shoe Company Discusses More Unusual Shoes

In our last blog, we discussed some of the most unusual shoes in the world, and they weren’t particularly comfortable. Odd shoes such as kabkabs and armadillo shoes truly shock and fascinate us. After conducting further research, our open toe walking shoe company found even more strange footwear we would love to discuss.  

Heelless Shoes

In 2008, designer Antonio Berardi debuted his collection of heelless shoes in his fashion show. However, heelless footwear has existed many decades. Appearing to defy gravity, the wearer’s feet look as if they are hovering in the air.

The shoe company Morse and Burt are credited with making the first pair of heelless shoes by transferring most of the weight to the front of the shoes. It wasn’t until the 1930’s that the true heelless high heel was designed by Andre Perugi. These shoes incorporate a heavy steel shank underneath the sole, which is angled upward and away from the supporting platform.

It’s best to not wear these shoes on a regular basis, as they could cause permanent damage to your feet, knees and even your spine. Lady Gaga, are you listening?

Ballet Boot

Most popular in Japan, these boots combine the design of a ballet pointe shoe with an extremely high stiletto heel. Creating an illusion of dancing en pointe, this footwear first became popular in the 1980s. When wearing these shoes, you will experience the upright posture of a ballet dancer. It should come as no surprise that these shoes are extremely uncomfortable and should not be worn regularly or for long periods of time.  


This Japanese footwear takes flip-flops to an entirely new level. Traditionally worn by Japanese geisha apprentices, maiko, these are made of solid wood soles about five and a half inches high. Maiko wore long kimonos, which needed to be protected from exposure to dirt, dust and mud while walking on the streets.

Most of the year, maiko wore okobos with unvarnished wooden soles. However, in the summer, they wore okobos painted with black laquer. Believe it or not, the wood sole is actually hollow, creating a very distinct sound as women walked in them.

Wooden Bridal Shoes

These bizarre, pointy shoes look like something you would see elves wear in fairy tales, but they have a place in French history. Carved out of solid wood, these ancient shoes originated in Saint Girons. Legend has it that Moorish invaders kidnapped local women and stabbed the hearts of their enemies with their pointed shoes.

Although the exact origins of the shoes remain dubious, we do know that these shoes evolved over time into wedding shoes for women. The groom would present his bride with these shoes, and the longer the point, the more he loved her.

Not only are these shoes truly bizarre, they are quite painful and even dangerous. You won’t have to worry about damaging your feet when you wear our open toe walking shoes. Available in six different colors, you can always find a pair to perfectly complement your look. Shop our selection of open toe athletic shoes and socks without toes at OpeToz® today.

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