Women's Open Toe Sneaker Lime Green


The World's First Open Toe Athletic Shoe

Our founder created these shoes after having surgery on both feet—neither sandals nor closed-toe shoes were cutting it, so she invented her own solution!

OpeToz shoes were designed with the support of an athletic shoe, and the freedom of a sandal. Whether you have problems with your free or are looking for something with more freedom for your toes OpeToz will give you the comfort you’re looking for.

These shoes have gone through multiple iterations and testing to ensure they fit comfortably, provide the support you need, and set your toes free without any impingement or rubbing.

The breathable upper and open-toe design keeps your feet cool and dry. The support of the EVA midsole is designed to give you cushion with each step, and the textured grip of the rubber outsole gives your traction no matter where you walk!

As a BONUS, each pair of OpeToz shoes comes with a FREE pair of OpeToz socks!

Some customers may find that Opetoz shoes run slightly small. It may be best for customers to order a 1/2 or a full size larger. Call For Sizing 615-390-4511 or Helen @OpeToz.Com

If you typically wear a wide shoe, unfortunately these may not fit. We apologize for any inconvenience. Call For Help With Sizing 615-390-4511 or Contact Us Helen@OpeToz.Com