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Last week, we offered up some ideas for springtime activities you can do in your OpeToz® open toe tennis shoes. With weather this nice, you don’t want to spend all your time inside just because your feet are uncomfortable in traditional tennis shoes. OpeToz give you the support of a walking shoe with the freedom of a sandal, so your toes have plenty of room to breathe. If you don’t believe us, try OpeToz for yourself this spring! Be sure to check out our open toe tennis shoes, and experience the great outdoors in comfort this spring!

Enjoy Spring With These Five Outdoor Activities

  • Spend The Day On The Water: Whether you are out on a fishing boat in the deep sea or spending some time floating around a lake in a rowboat, having open toe tennis shoes while on the water can be a huge advantage. Not only will you have the support and stability of tennis shoes, you won’t have to deal with soppy wet feet all day. OpeToz are made from a breathable fabric and the toeless aspect allows for air to flow where you need it most. 
  • Bird Watch: Bird watching can be just as relaxing as it is exciting. Head out to a wooded area with a pair of binoculars or a nice camera early in the morning. Birds will typically show up where the sun first hits so they can warm up after a cold night, so be sure to look in the treetops or wherever the sun is beaming. Find out which birds will be migrating through your area in spring - you might catch a glimpse of some favorites like swallows, nightingales, warblers, or cuckoos! 
  • Walk For A Cause: There are many organized walks across the country that help to raise funds and awareness for various causes. If you’re someone who has always wanted to participate in these walks but has been held back by foot pain due to anything from bunions to foot surgery to ingrown toenails to hot feet, open toe tennis shoes might be just what you need to participate. Some upcoming walks happening around the country include Walk To End Alzheimer's and walks for The American Cancer Society.
  • Go To A Concert: Is there a performer you’ve always wanted to see but never had the opportunity to? Get online and talk to friends to find out what concerts will be coming your way this spring! Whether you’re wanting to see the New York Philharmonic or dying to catch Elton John’s farewell tour, throw on your OpeToz so you can do plenty of standing ovations. 
  • Do Some Outdoor Yoga: Yoga is a great way to increase stability and flexibility all while getting some good exercise. While yoga is traditionally performed barefooted, those doing yoga outside may feel more comfortable with the stability that tennis shoes offer. However, tight, restrictive tennis shoes can cause even more problems than no shoes at all! Open toe athletic shoes give the base of your feet some stability while giving your toes plenty of space to spread out while doing some downward facing dog.

Feel The Sun On Your Face (And Toes!)

Say goodbye to painful, restrictive athletic shoes when you choose OpeToz. There are plenty of outdoor activities you can enjoy when your toes are free. Many people who experience chronic foot pain or discomfort have found that our open toe tennis shoes allow them to enjoy life again, and they might work for you too! Whether you have foot conditions that prevent you from wearing closed toe shoes or simply like your toes to have some extra space to spread out, our shoes can help. Shop our collection of open toe tennis shoes today and get ready for the best spring ever!

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