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One question we sometimes hear is, “How should I wear my open toe tennis shoes?” The easiest answer is, “The same way you would wear any pair of shoes!” OpeToz® are the premier toeless tennis shoes that can be dressed up or down, worn day or night, and pair well with just about any outfit! However, if you need some tips, check out the following six ways to style your OpeToz!

6 Ways To Wear OpeToz

  1. With Toeless Socks: You surely know by now that we offer some of the best open toe tennis shoes online, but we wouldn’t leave you hanging without proper socks to wear with these shoes. Of course, during colder months you might want to cover up your toes with regular socks, but during the summer we suggest our toeless socks to wear with your OpeToz. You can get some that perfect match your OpeToz, or go with a contrasting color for a unique look.
  2. With Cuffed Jeans: This is the perfect way to incorporate open toe tennis shoes into your everyday attire. Cuffing your jeans is a fashionable way to make your outfit a little more casual and summer-y. You can dress this down with your favorite t-shirt or dress it up with some dark jeans and a nice blouse. Either way, you can rest easy knowing your OpeToz will keep your feet comfortable.
  3. With A Sundress: If you have a special event you want look nice for, but don't want to worry about foot pain, OpeToz has you covered! Just pair them with a nice sundress in a matching or complementary color and you're ready to go. 
  4. With Workout Pants: If you are wearing your OpeToz while getting some exercise, then it makes sense to wear them with a nice pair of workout pants. Whether you’re pants are full-length or capris, skinny or flared leg, they are sure to look great with your open toe tennis shoes.
  5. With Shorts: If you are wearing shorts it is most likely a hot summer day, and if it is a hot summer day you are most likely out and about doing something, and if you are out and about doing something you probably don’t want to wear restrictive shoes - see how it works? Whether you are walking around to zoo, doing some gardening, or heading off on a shopping trip, a pair of OpeToz is a great way to complement your shorts.
  6. With A Bathing Suit: Whether you are collecting seashells on the beach or lounging on the deck of a cruise, having fun in the sun in a bathing suit and sunglasses is made even better when you have some breathable, supportive shoes on!

Enhance Your Style With Open Toe Tennis Shoes

You should never have to sacrifice style for comfort. Get both when you wear OpeToz! Our shoes are cute and sporty like traditional athletic shoes while still being breathable and allowing plenty of wiggle room for your toes. Shop our collection of open toe tennis shoes and toeless socks today!

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