Going On A Summer Excursion? Don’t Forget Your OpeToz!

Summer is right around the corner and many of you have planned some fun trips to shake the winter off. Whether you are headed up the road for a long weekend or to another country, ensuring that you pack the right shoes for the trip can make all the difference. We’ve all experienced being far away from home and stuck with whatever shoes we packed - even if they are not right for the occasion. Don’t let that happen this summer! Instead, make sure to bring your OpeToz®, your premier open toe tennis shoes that give you the support of walking shoes with the freedom of sandals.

Why Bring Open Toe Tennis Shoes On Your Trip

Toeless tennis shoes make some of the best vacation wear. You never know what type of adventures you will get up to when you head off on a cruise or to a resort in Maui. While you may plan on spending the entire trip laying on the beach in your flip-flops, an opportunity might come up to go ziplining through a rainforest or hike up a volcano. The last thing you want is to be stuck with just a flimsy pair of sandals because you find regular closed-toe shoes to be uncomfortable.

Also, don’t forget that feet can swell in hot weather. Even if you typically do okay in closed-toe shoes, keep in mind that your “vacation feet” — which have been walking around in the hot sun all day — might be a little bigger than normal. Having a breathable pair of open toe tennis shoes during this time can make a huge difference in comfort levels. This is especially beneficial if you find yourself at a water park or anywhere where your feet might get wet. Hot feet are bad enough… we don’t even want to talk about hot, wet feet!

Don’t Let Foot Pain Hold You Back

While some might be booking their plane tickets to Florida, others might be avoiding the thought of taking a vacation altogether. Vacations typically involve lots of walking to take in the sights, something that many of us struggle with when we are dealing with chronic foot pain. OpeToz, while not a medical solution to a problem, can help add relief if wearing closed-toed shoes or shoes that lack support is your general source of pain.

Avoid Blisters

If you frequently suffer from blisters on your toes after walking around all day, open toe tennis shoes might be the answer. You might be surprised to find, even when wearing socks, blisters on the tops of your toes from walking around all day in restrictive athletic shoes. Our shoes solve that problem by not having anything for your toes to rub up against with every step.

Choose OpeToz For Your Next Vacation

Thankfully, when you choose OpeToz, you don’t have to sacrifice style for function. Our shoes are as cute as they are practical and allow for plenty of movement and breathability while giving you amazing support. Pair our open toe tennis shoes with our toeless socks for extra comfort!
Written by Ope Toz

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