As a leading provider of open-toe tennis shoes, we find feet kind of interesting. There is a lot to learn about feet, and they are one of the most complex structures of our bodies. There are a few feet, in particular, that have gained fame for themselves. Today, we’d like to share a few “famous feet” and the people they belong to!

Sure, these feet are famous, but that doesn’t mean they’re the only ones who should get a celebrity treatment! Be sure to treat your feet like the stars they are with comfortable, breathable, and fashionable open-toe tennis shoes.

Famous Feet You Should Know About

Michael Jackson: Who could forget Michael Jackson’s moonwalking feet seemingly floating on air? Michael Jackson was known for his intricate dancing on stage, but by far his most iconic move involved his feet.

Shaquille O’neal: At 7’1, former NBA player Shaquille O’Neal is not the tallest professional basketball player, but he is one of the most iconic, and is particularly well-known for his massive feet. Shaq, who wears a size 22, famously played for teams like the LA Lakers and and the Miami Heat. And while he began his professional career playing for the Orlando Magic, the real magic is in his feet. To put his shoe size into perspective, a women’s size 8 shoe measures about 9.5 inches. A men’s 22 is an astounding 15 inches.

The World’s Biggest Feet: If you think there can’t possibly be bigger feet in the world than Shaq’s, think again. The Guinness Book of World Records gives the Biggest Feet accolade to a Venezuelan man named Rodriguez Hernandez, who’s size 26 feet measured 16 inches.

Anna Pavlova: Known as one of the best ballet dancers of all time, Anna Pavlova is practically a household name. She had very high arches in her feet, which made it difficult to dance on the tips of her toes like was required. She found that adding a hard strip of leather to the sole of the shoe increased support. This design eventually morphed into the modern pointe shoe, and changed the way ballerinas dance.

Henry VIII: Henry VIII is known for a lot of things. Namely, King Henry is known for beheading two of his six wives along with tens of thousands of other English subjects during his 37-year reign. But the king was known for another affliction that didn’t involve the impulsive need to sentence people to death. The king had gout - and he had it bad. It was so bad, in fact, that legend claims he needed shoes that were six-inches wide. More interesting, it is said that in order to save face and prevent people from asking why the king’s feet were so wide, he ordered all other shoemakers in the country to make their shoes six inches wide as well. His experience with gout earned the foot condition a new moniker: The Disease Of Kings. While it was once believed gout ran in the royal family as a genetic disorder, we now know that gout can be caused by excessive drinking and a poor diet, something that the Royals had the time and money to do. With how painful gout can be, it is really no surprise that the most powerful man in the country had shoes made just for him. We wonder if King Henry would have been a fan of our open-toed tennis shoes?

Our Open-Toe Tennis Shoes Make Your Feet Feel Famous

Give your toes the celebrity treatment. With plenty of room to breathe and wiggle around, your toes will be happy in our open-toed tennis shoes. Shop our collection today!

Written by Ope Toz

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