We’ve told our dear readers about the history of our open-toed athletic shoes before, but we have yet to cover the entire history of shoes. Of course, without the long and storied history of footwear, we wouldn’t be here today!

We wear shoes every day, and most of us have several different styles of shoes that we like to wear. From flip-flops to high heels to tennis shoes, there's a shoe for every occasion. But it wasn't always like this. So how then, did shoes develop from the first shoes ever worn to our open toe athletic shoes that we sell here at OpeToz? Keep reading to find out.

The History Of Footwear

The Earliest Shoes Were For Protection

The earliest shoes that historians have found date back to around 6,000 BC. The ancient shoes that have been discovered range from sandals made of papyrus that very much resemble the modern flip-flop to single sheets of leather that wrap around the foot to give added protection, similar to a Native American moccasin. Almost every country has evidence of some sort of flip-flop type sandal, with some being made from leather and others from wood. These shoes were mainly worn for protection, and not for fashion.

The Greeks And Romans Do Not See Toe To Toe

As the years progressed, the Ancient Greeks began to view footwear as unnecessary and self-indulgent. Warriors battled barefoot, gods were almost never depicted wearing shoes, and even Olympic athletes competed barefoot. The Romans, on the other hand, saw footwear as a sign of power and status. Roman soldiers were issued uniform shoes, and the society began to consider footwear necessary for a civilized society - a sentiment that still holds true today.

Shoes Become Common And Necessary

By the Middle Ages, shoes began to be both a fashion statement as well as a practical accessory. One of the most common types of shoe that became necessary during the Middle Ages and Medieval periods was the patten. In Europe, disease was rampant and without modern plumbing, the streets were covered in human waste. To avoid stepping in the sludge that caked the roads, pattens were worn. These thick wooden platforms allowed for more fashion-forward footwear to be strapped in, while still keeping the wearer away from the waste.

Shoes Are Produced For The Masses

By the 1700s, shoes began to be mass produced in factories, and by the War Of 1812, an automated mechanic process was invented to help manufacture boots for the British Army.

As time went on, people began to own multiple pairs of shoes that served different purposes. From dress shoes to athletic shoes to workboots, there seemed to be a shoe for every occasion. Additionally, shoes became major fashion and status symbols. With mass production of shoes happening every minute, it’s no surprise that a certain sneaker or high heel is hip one day and lame the next.

Open-Toe Athletic Shoes Are Style-Meets-Function

One shoe that never goes out of style is a shoe that looks great and feels even better. OpeToz’s open-toed athletic shoes give you all the support of your favorite tennis shoes, while still leaving plenty of movement and freedom for your toes. Shop our collection of open-toe athletic shoes today, and don’t forget your matching toeless socks!

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