Open Toe Sneakers: The Evolution of Open Toe Athletic Shoes

When OpeToz founder Helen Ketcham had surgery on both feet, she didn’t know that she would come up with a revolutionary idea for a shoe line. While her feet were recovering, Ketcham couldn’t wear open toe shoes, but she had to work on her feet all day.

Traditional sandals just don’t offer the comfort and support needed for standing and physical activity, so Ketcham came up with her own idea. Carefully cutting the toes out of her running shoes, she visited her local nail salon for a pedicure.

Other guests flocked to her wanting to know where she found such shoes, and the shop employees were curious as well. Realizing she was onto something, Ketcham created a line of open toe sneakers, OpeToz.

Since its beginnings, customers have been raving about OpeToz. Here’s what Lanita Logan had to say:

“ I’d done the Avon Walk to End Breast Cancer for two years. In both years, I lost an entire toenail on each big toe plus the second toe on my right foot. I had tried traditional sneakers one half size bigger and one whole size bigger and still lost the toe nails. Watching myself walking (barefoot in the house) and realized that I flex my toes upward when I walk which means the pain and eventual ‘death’ of my toenails was caused by my toes repeatedly hitting the tops of my shoes. It was a habit I couldn’t break. My little piggies need to spread out. So I did a little online research and found OpeToz. What a God send! I just completed a 39.3 mile Avon Walk this weekend and my toes were so happy in these shoes. They could breathe, they could stretch. I could flex them upward. It was awesome! Lots of other walkers with toe issues asked about my shoes, and I was happy to tell them about OpeToz! My toes are currently pain free, unbruised, and happy to be alive!”

— Lanita Logan Sep 13, 2017

Thank you so much, Lanita, for your kind words! Participating in a walk to end breast cancer is a truly noble cause, and you shouldn't have to lose toenails in the process. We’re happy that we could provide you with footwear comfortable and supportive enough to last almost 40 miles.

Every person has their own unique stride, so you need to find shoes compatible with your walking patterns. Don’t sacrifice your comfort (or toenails) for longer walks. Not only are these kicks comfortable, they are lightweight as well. Made using a minimal amount of rubber, you’ll have excellent traction without feeling weighed down.

Whether you are walking, riding bikes, working, or simply running errands, OpeToz could be the perfect pair of shoes for you. With six different color combinations to choose from, you’ll be able to match your shoes to every outfit in your closet. If you need a pair of socks to accompany your open toe athletic shoes, we sell four different color socks made just for your OpeToz. Shop our fabulous footwear today.    

Written by Ope Toz

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