Open Toe Sneakers:  When to Wear Our Open Toe Athletic Shoes

Are you experiencing foot pain or swelling in your feet? Traditional shoes may feel incredibly uncomfortable when your feet are swollen or sore. When is it best to put your traditional footwear aside and slip on a pair of our open toe athletic shoes?

Swollen Feet

Women who spend most of the day on their feet might experience swelling at the end of the day, so our open toe athletic shoes are perfect for them. Unlike sandals and other open toe shoes, OpeToz provides plenty of comfort and support to last you throughout the day.

Pregnant women are particularly vulnerable to swollen feet during their third trimester. OpeToz are the perfect shoes for providing expectant mothers as much foot support as possible during this very uncomfortable gestational phase.

Following Foot Surgery

We’re not medical professionals here, so check with your doctor before proceeding. When you are recovering from foot surgery for conditions such as bunions, you might prefer to wear open toe shoes to alleviate unnecessary pain.

By combining the support and comfort of athletic shoes with an open toe design, you can still go out and about your day even while recovering from foot surgery.

Sore Feet

If you got carried away walking around town the other day, your dogs could now be barking. Give your feet a break by wearing a pair of open toe tennis shoes while you recover. If you were wearing OpeToz to begin with, you could prevent any future soreness.

Show Off Your Pedicure

Did you visit your local nail salon and exit with the most beautiful pedicure ever? Don’t hide those gorgeous toes! Display your latest polish color wearing our open toe running shoes. Not only will people admire your pretty feet, they’ll take note of your fabulous shoes as well.

Take a Walk

Nothing clears the mind quite as well as a nice, long walk. If you prefer not to feel boxed in wearing closed toe shoes, slip on a pair of OpeToz. Designed for physical activity, you will feel as if you are walking on a cloud as you take your evening stroll.

Ride a Bike

Generally speaking, physical activities are even more fun if wheels are involved. Why not go for a casual bike ride wearing your favorite pair of open toe athletic shoes? Brush the dust off your bike, put your helmet on, and go for it!

But I Like to Wear Socks

We have good news: OpeToz makes open toe socks to accompany our open toe tennis shoes. Our soft socks only add to the amazing comfort of our wonderful line of footwear. With four different colors to choose from, you can match your socks to your shoe color so that you always look stylish.

What other occasions would you wear our open toe sneakers? The sky's the limit, so feel free to get creative. Shop our selection of open toe athletic shoes at OpeToz today to find your favorite pair of shoes. You may love them so much that you decide to purchase another pair!

Written by Ope Toz

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