Sometimes the most unfortunate circumstances result in the greatest opportunities, which is exactly what we experienced with the formation of OpeToz®. OpeToz founder Helen Ketcham experienced the very unpleasant experience of having surgery on both feet at the same time. As anyone who has ever undergone surgery knows, the pain and swelling following surgery can be debilitating. Foot surgery is increasingly unpleasant because it’s virtually impossible to stay completely off your feet when performing your everyday tasks. Despite her surgery, Helen had to go back to work relatively quickly, which required her to perform tasks mostly on her feet throughout the entire day. She needed open toe shoes while she was healing, and sandals simply didn’t provide her with the comfort and support that she needed.

Although her athletic shoes provided plenty of comfort and much-needed support, they were close-toed. By simply cutting out the toes of the sneakers, Mrs. Ketcham was finally able to wear shoes tailored to her lifestyle. This action planted the seed that would blossom into OpeToz.

Are These Shoes Designed For Foot Problems?

We would like to be very clear about the fact that our shoes are not designed specifically for those with medical problems. We are not medical doctors, but we are everyday people who enjoy comfort and style. Our shoes are designed for anyone who wants to wear a comfortable pair of athletic shoes with an open toe design.

What Makes These Shoes So Great?

Especially now that it’s summer, these shoes are tremendously comfortable! Most of us are all too familiar with the searing heat of summer, and wearing closed toe shoes can be hot and uncomfortable, resulting in smelly perspiration. You can easily walk around all day wearing these athletic shoes while experiencing the excellent ventilation of our open toe design. Not only are these open toe walking shoes comfortable, but they are also lightweight so that you will never feel weighed down.

What If My Shoes Get Dirty?

You might find yourself wearing these shoes so much that they might need a good cleaning. Fortunately, OpeToz are incredibly easy to clean. All you have to do is wash them with warm or cool water, and you’re done.

Do These Shoes Have Other Perks?

Yes, these toeless tennis shoes have other wonderful perks. Are you a fan of fun pedicures? This footwear is perfect for you because you can show off your latest pedicure when you wear these fabulous, fun kicks!

But I Can’t Stand Going Without Socks….

Just because our sneakers have an open toe design doesn’t mean that you will be forced to forgo wearing socks. To add to the tremendous comfort of your open toe tennis shoes, we’ve also designed a line of Open Toe Socks in four different hues just for you. Our comfy socks will stay put underneath your shoes all day long and provide you with the comfort you long for.

Check out our line of open toe athletic shoes today to find the perfect kicks for you! With six different color combinations, there’s a style available for everyone. Shop OpeToz today to invest in your new favorite pair of shoes.

Written by Ope Toz

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