Which OpeToz® Should You Wear This Spring Or Summer?

Here at OpeToz®, springtime and summer are our favorite seasons. After suffering through another long winter in closed toe shoes, we can finally let loose and break out our open toe athletic shoes again. It’s amazing just how quickly Mother Nature seems to make the transition from crippling cold weather to sweltering heat, and OpeToz can help keep our feet nice and cool. Are you unsure of which OpeToz to buy this season? Today, we wanted to share our ideas for some OpeToz that are perfect for this spring and summer!

Coral/White OpeToz

The soft coral in this shoe contrasts beautifully with its crisp white detailing and shoelaces. Perfect for Easter, this soft, pastel-toned footwear is perfect for the extra feminine ladies out there. If you decide upon these gorgeous kicks, then you might want to paint your toenails with a matching coat of polish.

Pink/Green OpeToz

Summer isn’t complete without bright, tropical colors, which makes these shoes perfect for warmer weather! The ultra-feminine bubblegum pink is perfectly complemented by its lime green detailing. The ultra feminine ladies out there would absolutely love these shoes, and they could even wear them to the local nail salon to get a matching pedicure. We’ve recently released our line of open toe socks to accompany our shoes, so these shoes would look stunning with the green pair!

Blue/Green OpeToz

Do you find yourself drawn to the soothing blue and green colors of the ocean? These bright blue open toe tennis shoes are perfectly accented with lime green tones. If you want to further accentuate this color combination, wear these with our green OpeToz socks.

Where Do I Wear My OpeToz?

Once you put on your new kicks, you’ll want to wear your open toe walking shoes everywhere! They provide the perfect amount of comfort and support that you normally can’t find in a pair of open toe shoes. When you wear OpeToz, you won’t sacrifice comfort for style because we have an absolutely stunning color selection.

Would you like to keep your feet as cool as possible while taking a walk or while working at your local gym? OpeToz are perfect for all kinds of physical activities because they are designed for both comfort and movement. Go on a walk, play tennis, or run around the yard with your family in this fabulous footwear!

If you will be spending any time at your local pool or at the beach this summer, then slip on these one-of-a-kind shoes. Unlike most sandals, these shoes have excellent grip so that you are less likely to slip on wet surfaces. Your open toe athletic shoes will also protect your feet from the blistering heat of concrete sidewalks or sand.

Are you interested in our line of open toe athletic shoes? Our inventory includes several different color schemes to choose from, so you are sure to find the pair that best matches your style. Shop OpeToz today for open toe tennis shoes, toeless socks, and womens shirts online.

Written by OpeToz Shoes

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