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For many people, the idea of open toe athletic shoes sounds like a great idea, but one that simply hasn’t come to fruition. Not anymore! After quite the journey, we’ve created a line of open toe sneakers that provide the support and comfort of athletic shoes with the coolness and ventilation you would feel wearing sandals. Although our shoes haven’t been on the market for a long time, we are already receiving some amazing feedback from our wonderful customers. We strive to provide the highest-quality products and the best customer service to our customers. Not only do we sell open toe athletic shoes, but we also offer open toed socks to accompany them. Here’s some of our latest customer feedback:

“Thanks so much for your prompt response about the socks. You are very kind! I love your shoes & everyone loves them, too! They are making quite a splash on the tennis courts. I thank you every time that I play, since I was having a terrible time finding shoes that would not cause pain and blisters every time I played. I’m your best AD! “-- Terri C

Terri, thank you so much for your feedback! We are so excited to hear that you’ve been hitting the tennis courts in our open toe tennis shoes. Not only are these shoes great for walking and for the gym, but they are great for wearing during your tennis game as well. Unlike ordinary tennis shoes, these sneakers provide you with extra ventilation while practicing your backhand. As we approach the month of May, the temperatures are only going to rise, so you can stay cool in your Opetoz®. When you combine your Opetoz sneakers with our socks without toes, you will never have to worry about suffering through blisters while destroying your opponents on the court.

“OMG- this is what I have been looking for. My feet get so hot in closed shoes. These would be good for me to walk from the train station to work. Maybe would be good at the gym.”

- Kathy

Thank you so much, Kathy, for your positive words. Nobody likes the feeling of hot, sweaty feet when they are walking to work. Although sandals might keep your feet cool, they don’t offer you the comfort and support that you need for walking long distances. When you wear Opetoz, your feet can feel ventilated and supported while walking on the hottest summer day. For many people, these open toe athletic shoes are a game changer. With our open toe walking shoes, you won’t have to sacrifice style for comfort; we offer a variety of color combinations to suit your taste.

We love the positive feedback that we receive from our wonderful customers like Terri and Kathy, and we stand behind our products. Whether you are walking to work, hitting the tennis courts, or hitting the beach, Opetoz are the shoes for you. Shop our selection of open toe athletic shoes, open toed socks, and tees for ladies today. We hope that you’ll love your Opetoz as much as we do!
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