Open Toe Tennis Shoes During The Winter? Why Not!

At OpeToz®, we understand that not everyone will enjoy our open toe athletic shoes year-round. No one wants to shovel snow in Minnesota with their toes exposed! However, that doesn’t mean you need to shove your new tennis shoes in the back of the closet and exclusively wear boots with two pairs of socks until April!

OpeToz offers open-toed athletic shoes in a number of fun colors, as well as toeless socks to match! This combination keeps your feet happy and your toes free for extra comfort. Be sure to check out our collection of open toe tennis shoes and get your OpeToz before spring!

Four Reasons To Wear OpeToz During The Winter

    1. Those Warm “It’s Almost Spring” Days: Even during the dead of winter, there are occasionally unseasonably warm days. While winter weather will be back before you know it (just look at Denver, which recently had a record-breaking 72-degree temperature drop in a 36-hour period!), you can enjoy the sunshine while it lasts. These are the days when you can feel the sunshine on your skin for the first time in months, all the snow has melted off the sidewalk, and you just want to stretch your toes and go outside for a walk.
    2. You Live In A Warm Climate: Residents of Florida and Southern California probably read this blog title and wondered why on earth they wouldn’t wear OpeToz through February! If you live in a region that experiences year-round sunshine and snow is a rarity, then feel free to rock those open toe tennis shoes year-round.
    3. You’re Escaping To A Tropical Paradise: If you don’t happen to live in a year-round sunshine state, you may find yourself jetting off to the Caribbean or Cabo San Lucas, in which case you need to ditch your winter coat and boots and don an attire more fitting to the tropical weather. This is where your toeless tennis shoes come in handy!
    4. Walking Around The House: Some people find it very uncomfortable to wear closed-toe tennis shoes, but they need support when walking around their house. Thankfully, our toeless tennis shoes can be worn in the house regardless of what the weather is outside.

Keep Your Toes Free With OpeToz

Whether you’re walking around the house or around a tropical island, OpeToz are a lifesaver - or a toe saver - for people who find closed toe shoes uncomfortable. Never wear comfortable tennis shoes or unsturdy sandals again! Shop our collection of open toe tennis shoes today!

Written by Ope Toz

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