Treat Your Feet To Some Love

You don’t have to tell us twice how hard feet work! Our legs, knees, ankles, and feet bear our weight every day, carry us up and down stairs, to the mailbox and back, chase our kids and grandkids, and help us function. It’s about time we show them some love! Warmer weather is slowly emerging, meaning we will be spending more time on our feet than ever, so why not pamper them a little before you put them into overdrive?

Just like people, feet need a support system that isn’t restrictive or smothering. Without proper support, our feet will hurt and ache, and that pain will travel to our knees and other joints before we know it. So be sure you start off on the right foot with some open toe tennis shoes from OpeToz. These ingenious shoes give you all the support of a tennis shoe with the freedom of a sandal. Get your open toe tennis shoes today, and check out these other ways to support your supporting feet!

Ideas For Pampering Your Tired Feet

  1. Get A Pedicure: A professional pedicure can do wonders for tired feet. They most often include a short foot massage, as well as some nice buffing to get rid of dead skin. Not to mention, your toes will look beautifully polished afterward - which you can show off in your open toe tennis shoes! If you want to save some money, create a DIY foot bath at home with a big cooking pot and some warm water with epsom salt, use a pumice stone to smooth your heels, and paint your toenails with your favorite polish. 
  2. Give Your Feet A Facial: The skin on our feet is the thickest on our body, and that leaves a lot of opportunity for them to dry out and crack. Give your feet a foot facial by soaking them in warm water and exfoliating them to remove excess dry skin. Then slather your feet in pretty much anything moisturizing. Thankfully, feet are a lot less sensitive than our faces so you don’t have to worry about breaking out. Ideas include coconut oil, aloe vera, petroleum jelly, greek yogurt and honey, olive oil, or just about anything else you can think of. Put your feet into grocery bags and tie them around your ankles. It may not look glamorous but after about 20 minutes and a good rinse (be careful not to slip), you’ll have baby soft feet. 
  3. Take A Load Off: Seriously, just kick back and put your feet up. Grab a glass of wine, light a fire or some candles, put on your favorite show and make a commitment to relax. You can even try to convince your spouse or your kids to give you a foot rub. We particularly like the, “I gave birth to you, you have to rub my feet” route here. 

Treat Your Feet Every Day With The Right Shoes

As we said above, the right pair of shoes goes a long way in having happy, healthy feet. Our toeless tennis shoes are perfect for everyday wear and making sure your toes have plenty of space to move around. Shop our open toe tennis shoes today!
Written by Ope Toz

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