Flowers are blooming, bees are buzzing, and love is in the air! With so much love in the air, why not show some love to your toes with open toe walking shoes? Our toes do a lot for us. They help us walk, balance, and jump. They also spend all winter smushed up in tight socks and heavy boots. This spring, consider adding a pair of OpeToz to your shoe collection and giving your toes a little bit of well-earned freedom.

Our Favorite Shoes For Spring

The season of flowers deserves a shoe that is just as vibrant as the tulips, roses, and lilies that are blooming around us. So next time you go for a walk or run an errand, stop and smell the flowers in some of these fun, vibrant, and colorful open toe walking shoes. Today, we’ve highlighted two of our favorite pairs of shoes that we think are perfect for celebrating spring. We think both of the shoes below would look great with our toeless socks in green.

Pink/Green Open Toe Walking Shoes

Like a sweet piece of bubble gum or a fresh slice of watermelon, these pink and green walking shoes are fun, funky, and essential for spring. These shoes would be the perfect pop of color to add to a neutral outfit or go all out with a pair of pink capris and a bright green shirt. One happy customer who bought these pink shoes even wore them on a 60-mile walk for breast cancer, as pink is the standard color associated with the disease.

Blue/Green Open Toe Walking Shoes

Equally as bright, these blue and green tennis shoes from Opetoz are like a dip in a cool, blue ocean. Wear these shoes to the beach or to the pool and look great while sipping on a colorful cocktail. A customer who purchased these blue and green shoes said, “These shoes are so comfortable. I wore mine to the Oregon coast and ran on the beach in them. I thought sand would be a problem because of the open toe, but it wasn't at all and my feet felt protected and flexible with lots of ventilation.” She even mentioned how quickly these shoes dry, making them perfect for walking along the beach or kayaking down a river.

Why OpeToz?

Our open toe walking shoes are the perfect way to enjoy some fun in the sun without having cramped, hot, sweaty toes. These shoes give you all the support of a tennis shoe and the breezy openness of a sandal. Not only are OpeToz perfect for people who don’t like having hot feet, they are also a huge asset to anyone who experiences foot pain or medical issues with their feet that prevent them from wearing traditional tennis shoes. We have received amazing feedback from people who experience frequent blisters, knee pain, swollen feet, or even people who have had foot surgery.

Shop our entire collection of open toe walking shoes today and be sure you’re ready to start spending some well-deserved time outdoors!
Written by Ope Toz

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