Family vacations - or even solo vacations, for that matter! - often involve copious amounts of walking around. You often find yourself thinking, “If I’m eating all of this junk food on vacation, at least I’m getting my steps in!” That’s certainly true, so long as you packed the right pair of walking shoes for vacation!

Shoes Can Make Or Break Your Vacation

For example, if you’re planning a vacation to a Disney theme park, or any theme park for that matter, one of the most important items to pack is a good pair of shoes. This can make or break your vacation - seriously! While running errands around town in some cheap sandals might be okay, spending 12 hours walking around a theme park on a hot summer’s day is a different story! You’ll want to choose your shoes very carefully, or risk being in so much pain that you can’t enjoy some much needed time with your family.

What To Consider When Packing Shoes For A Theme Park

Deciding on the perfect pair of shoes for the theme park doesn’t only include which shoes will be comfortable for long-time wear. You also need to take into consideration the weather and the type of rides you’ll be going on. For example, is there a possibility your shoes will get wet, or more likely, completely doused with water? When you look at the possibility of unexpected rain storms as well as possible water rides, the answer is almost always yes. If you’ve never walked around a theme park with wet shoes, count your blessings. You tried to do right by yourself. You really wanted to wear your cute new flats, but you knew a more sensible shoe was needed. So you popped on your closed-toe athletic shoes and set out for the Happiest Place on Earth. Two trips down Splash Mountain later, your shoes are water-logged and heavy. If you’re enjoying your Disney time in Florida, the hot, humid weather is only making things worse. Hours later, your shoes and socks are still somehow wet, and your feet are pruny, blistered, and stinky from the hot, wet shoes. That being said, you may be thinking you should wear sandals. However, even the best quality walking sandals are prone to cause blistering as your feet expand and swell from walking around, and there is no way to wear socks with them to prevent this.

Our Open-Toed Tennis Shoes Are The Solution

Thankfully, with Opetoz®, you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort. These unique tennis shoes are lightweight, breathable, supportive, and toeless. This quadruple-threat makes them perfect for walking around the park all day long, waiting for hours in long lines, and enduring who-know-what type of weather.

OpeToz are the premier toeless athletic shoes for Disneyland, Disney World, heck, even Legoland! Wherever your adventure takes you, be sure you have to right footwear for the job. OpeToz open-toed tennis shoes were specifically designed for comfortable, all-day wear, especially for those with foot pain or recovering from foot surgery. It just so happens that we lucked out and created something that is cute and stylish as well, and will look right-at-home in all of your fun vacation photos!

Shop our entire collection of open-toed athletic shoes today, and be sure to get a few pairs of our toeless socks to wear with them too!

Written by Ope Toz

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