Sometimes, regardless of our age, we experience foot problems of some sort. These can range from serious to simply annoying, and many of us wonder how to find relief in our day to day life. That’s where OpeToz® open toe athletic shoes come in! While OpeToz are certainly not a substitute for a visit to the doctor’s office, if you are experiencing any of the common foot problems below, talk to your doctor to see if they think open-toed tennis shoes could help!

Before we get started, don’t get too down on your feet. Those amazing hard workers have 33 joints and over 100 muscles in them! Be sure you treat them right with quality shoes that are comfortable, functional, and cute. Whether you are trying to find relief for foot conditions or simply love the style of freedom of open-toed athletic shoes, OpeToz is for you!


Bunions are caused when the big-toe joint becomes crooked and causes the big toe to turn inward. While there are a variety of causes for bunions, anyone who has them knows that finding the right shoes for bunions can be difficult. Our open-toed tennis shoes offer the support you need, without cramping your toes.


Such named because they resemble little corn kernels, foot corns or calluses often appear on the tops of your toes from rubbing against your shoes. Corns can be painful, especially the longer they progress. Wearing open-toed shoes of any kind can help to alleviate pain, but our open-toed running shoes have the added benefit of giving you the support and grip you find in ordinary athletic shoes.

Hot Feet

Hot feet is sometimes a symptom of a serious medical condition. However, some women just always feel like their feet feel too warm in normal tennis shoes. Our open toe athletic shoes offer more support than typical sandals while still allowing a nice cool breeze to go across your tootsies. One reviewer who tried our super cute coral athletic shoes described wearing OpeToz as, “Like going barefoot but with arch supports.” Can’t beat that!

Recovering From Foot Surgery

Your doctor may recommend specific shoes after a foot surgery, and they are obviously more familiar with your case than we are!  However, most doctors simply recommend shoes that offer support and are comfortable for you to wear. For this reason, OpeToz are incredibly popular among women who have had foot surgery at some point in their lives. Some people have limited mobility in their feet after having a rod put in, whereas others are recovering from surgery for ingrown toenails or bunions. The open-toe of these unique tennis shoes allow for maximum range of movement while still offering support.

Your Toeless Tennis Shoes Are Waiting

If your doctor suggests open-toed shoes with support to help alleviate pain or discomfort caused by foot conditions, OpeToz are the toeless tennis shoes you’re looking for! Unfortunately, our shoes aren’t magic and can’t cure serious foot issues, but they can offer relief in some cases. Shop our super fun collection of open-toed athletic shoes, and don’t forget to get a few pairs of toeless socks to match!


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