Where To Not Wear Your Open Toe Athletic Shoes

We love our open toe athletic shoes so much that we wear them to as many places as possible. Truly versatile, OpeToz® can be worn to the gym, the pool, the beach, or simply running errands. Don’t be surprised if several people stop you in your tracks at the grocery store when you are wearing our footwear. Visually stunning while still providing ample comfort and support, fellow shoppers will be dying to know where you found such fabulous footwear. You can sport these fun kicks a variety of places, but today we would like to discuss places where open toe athletic shoes are off limits.


Nothing feels quite as great as the breeze in your face while riding a motorcycle, but you shouldn’t be feeling a breeze in your toes. In the case of an accident, your feet should be protected, which means not wearing open toe athletic shoes. The best way to protect your feet and ankles is by wearing a solid pair of boots instead. However, wearing the best pair of boots won’t matter if you’re not wearing a helmet, so remember your protective headgear as well.

Mowing The Lawn

Although it may be hot outside, wearing open toe walking shoes while mowing or edging the lawn is a bad idea. Keep your feet properly covered while operating heavy machinery to protect your feet. Don’t be too disappointed; you can still wear Opetoz while working in your garden or simply relaxing in your backyard.


Unless the wedding is super casual, you will probably need to slip on a more formal pair of shoes to wear to a wedding. This rule is further heightened if you are the bride. You’ll have to wear fancier shoes at least for a few hours on your wedding day. Once the day is over, feel free to revert back to your tried and true favorite pair of shoes.

Places You Can Wear Your OpeToz

Unless you need to protect your feet or the occasion requires you to wear formal shoes, you can wear your OpeToz to many places. We’ve already mentioned that you can wear your shoes to the gym, beach, and pool. However, there are many more places where you can sport your open toe tennis shoes, so don’t be afraid to get creative. If it’s casual Friday, perhaps you should stroll into the office wearing our colorful footwear. Are you attending your daughter’s soccer game? OpeToz are perfect for both walking and standing on the grass. Their rubber soles provide excellent traction so that you will always feel stable walking around on slippery surfaces. Are you going to a picnic? Why not slip on your open toe walking shoes to wear as you are nibbling on strawberries? Fellow park goers will try not to stare because they will want a pair of their own. You’ll have to get used to answering the questions of footwear admirers when you are wearing your OpeToz, but that’s a sacrifice you will have to make. Purchase a pair of OpeToz today for your everyday use.

Written by Ope Toz

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