Are you a fan of open toe shoes but prefer to wear more supportive shoes? At OpeToz®, we understand your dilemma.  In fact, the entire concept of open toe sneakers developed after the founder, Helen Ketcham, had surgery on both of her feet. With her toes covered in bandages, Mrs. Ketcham needed shoes with open toes, but sandals simply weren’t cut out for her lifestyle. With a job that required being on her feet all day, sandals did not offer the support that she needed. Out of necessity, she cut the toes out of her running shoes, which provided her with the support she needed to perform the tasks involved with her job. Long after her toes healed, she continued wearing these shoes, which also highlighted her beautiful pedicures. During one of her trips to the local nail salon, people took notice of her unique footwear and asked where they could find such stylish and practical shoes. Sparking her entrepreneurial spirit, Mrs. Ketcham created her own line of open toe sneakers.


Colorful Kicks

Available in a variety of different color combinations, these kicks are as attractive and stylish as they are comfortable. If you prefer to match your shoes to a variety of different outfits in your wardrobe, you’re in luck. With six different colors to choose from, you may find yourself buying more than one pair to complement your daily fashion.  


Although sandals can be comfortable for short periods of time, they can feel quite painful if you are walking around all day. If your job requires you to constantly move around on your feet, you will love our open toe tennis shoes. Featuring superior levels of both comfort and support, this footwear is also perfect for running errands or working out.


By using minimal amounts of rubber, our toeless sneakers feel light as a feather while still providing excellent traction. Although your shoes need to have a proper grip on surfaces to avoid falls, heavy, bulky shoes can slow you down. Keep up with your fast-paced lifestyle without worrying about slipping by wearing our fabulous footwear.

Easy To Clean

You’ll love the comfort of your open toe athletic shoes so much that you may want to wear them all the time. With so much wear and tear, your shoes might need a good cleaning. All you have to do to clean your OpeToz is rinse them in cool or warm water. Not only are they easy to clean, but they dry quickly as well so that you can wear them again as soon as possible.

Show Off Your Pedicure

Ladies, do you love showing off your latest pedicure? With so many different colors available, you could coordinate your pedicure to match your favorite pair of open toe walking shoes. Don’t hide your lovely polished toes wearing closed-toe shoes again!

Toeless Socks

Are you interested in wearing open toe running shoes but enjoy wearing socks? We also sell open toe socks to compliment our shoes, adding to their incredible comfort.

Don’t take our word for it; try OpeToz for yourself to experience the amazing comfort of our footwear.

Written by Ope Toz

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