With summer winding down, now is the time to sport your favorite pair of open toe footwear. Depending upon the region where you live, you may be able to wear OpeToz® for quite some time. With such mild winters, our customers in Florida and Arizona can utilize these fashion forward kicks almost year-round. With customers all around the country, we receive valuable feedback regarding our open toe running shoes. Today, we would like to highlight exactly what people are saying about our open toe sneakers.

I've been cutting out the toes of my tennis shoes for about three years, and obviously not feeling very stylish in them! I have peripheral neuropathy and just can't last long in shoes with toes. I've been searching for open-toe shoes and my sister came across these. I was happy when I received my pair and saw how cute they are and happier still to find how comfortable they are. They have enough cushioning for my tender feet. I'll be wearing these a lot!”
—Virginia, April 03, 2017

Thank you so much, Virginia for your kind words! Unfortunately, some of our customers have health conditions that cause normal footwear to feel extremely uncomfortable. OpeToz are perfect for people seeking extra comfort and support while wearing open toe shoes. In fact, the idea for our open toe athletic shoes emerged after our founder had surgery on both of her feet but worked a job that required her to be on her feet for hours at a time. With six different color combinations to choose from, you’ll easily find the perfect pair to complement your amazing wardrobe.

“Just got mine a few days ago also bought the socks my feet swell a lot every day but these work wonderful, most comfortable socks and shoes I own!!!I will be purchasing another pair soon.”
— Staci Bailey April 03, 2017

Thanks for providing us with excellent feedback, Staci! For anyone who constantly experiences swelling in their feet, closed-toe shoes can feel downright painful. By wearing open toe athletic shoes like Staci, you’ll feel comfortable throughout the day even if your feet begin to swell. When we designed our footwear, we took the initiative to provide our customers with toeless socks for further comfort. We understand that going without socks is not for everyone, and cutting the toes out of your socks yourself could yield unpredictable results.

“ I tried these Opetoz shoes this summer and have loved how the opetoz design and mesh lining keep my feet very cool. They’re very comfortable, What a unique shoe Extremely lightweight and comfortable,true to size and they fit perfectly! Toes do not hang out, what a Great concept of a shoe. Love these shoes and LOVE the price. Great options and colors. Would highly recommend this Opetoz shoes and Kudos to the idea on the shoe concept.”
—Jewelz, September 21, 2016

Jewelz, we are absolutely thrilled that you love OpeToz as much as we do! When we designed our open toe walking shoes, we wanted a high-quality product that was still affordable. The last thing anyone wants to see when wearing a pair of open toe shoes are toes hanging off the edges, which is why our shoes are true to size.

Are you curious about our open toe running shoes? Our reviews speak for themselves, and we would love to add you to our growing list of satisfied customers. Designed for physical activities, you can wear your open toe sneakers while jogging, walking, biking, or working out in the gym. Furthermore, this footwear is perfect for running errands and simply going out and about performing your daily activities. Purchase a pair of OpeToz today to experience the benefits for yourself.

Written by Ope Toz

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