Here at Opentoz, we love our open toe athletic shoes. The idea for open toe walking shoes emerged after our founder had surgery on both of her feet. Unable to wear closed toe shoes, she had trouble finding open toe shoes that provided both comfort and support while she was working on her feet most of the day. After cutting the toes out of her running shoes, people took notice of her shoes and asked her where she found them. Quickly, she developed the idea for OpeToz, and the rest is history. You might be wondering where you can wear your OpeToz open toe athletic shoes. Let’s explore our options:

After A Pedicure

Most women absolutely love having beautifully pedicured feet, and getting your nails done can be such a treat. Following a pedicure, you cannot wear closed toe shoes until the polish on your toes is completely dry. Instead of going home in those flimsy flip flops the salon provides you or an old pair of sandals, why not wear OpeToz? By slipping on our toeless tennis shoes, you can go about your errands and chores after your pedicure and your feet will feel comfortable and supported.

The Beach

Doesn’t the beach sound absolutely divine this time of year? You could walk around the beach in a flimsy pair of sandals, but maybe you are looking for more support. The next time that you take a trip to the beach, bring your Opetoz open toe athletic shoes along with you for a comfortable stroll in the sand.

A Cruise

Are you taking a cruise? We are practically turning green with envy over here! OpeToz are perfect for your cruise. If you are cruising the Bahamas, your feet will stay cool and comfortable no matter how high the temperature may be. In hot, humid climates, wearing closed toe shoes can be hot and uncomfortable. Let your toes breathe with our open toe shoes.


The Pool

The area surrounding a pool can easily become slippery with puddles of water, and you might be dodging running children as well. If you wear a pair of our toeless tennis shoes, you will have great traction no matter how many wild-eyed children you have to dodge. Not only will you have a nice grip with your open toe athletic shoes, but your feet will feel cool and comfortable.

Taking A Walk

Our OpeToz open toe athletic shoes are simply a great pair of shoes to wear when taking a stroll on a hot summer day. With our toeless sneakers, you can enjoy the comfort and support of athletic shoes without your feet getting hot.

Are you interested in the comfort and support of open toe athletic shoes? Check out our beautiful selection of open toe tennis shoes at OpeToz. We include a variety of color schemes so that you can match your shoes to your entire wardrobe. We also feature a variety of ladies t-shirts online to complement your favorite pair of open toe athletic shoes.

Written by Megan Gray

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