Depending upon where you live, this time of year can be brutally cold. From the mountains of Colorado to the frigid temperatures of the Northeast, winter can be brutally cold. If you have the time and resources to escape to the balmier climates of the Deep South, then by all means, get out of here (at least for a little while). One of the most popular states to visit in the colder months is Florida, which is full of sun and sand. Are you taking a trip to Florida? We have the perfect shoes for your Florida vacation at OpeToz®.

What Are OpeToz?

OpeToz are open toe athletic shoes that provide the comfort and support of athletic shoes with the coolness of open toe shoes. The best part is that our open toe tennis shoes come in a variety of color schemes so that you can match every outfit in your entire wardrobe. Let’s explore the different places that you can wear your OpeToz on your Florida vacation:

The Beach

Florida is well known for its beautiful beaches along the emerald green water of the Gulf Coast. Whether you are hitting up Destin or Panama City Beach, you will need the perfect pair of beach shoes. You could wear a flimsy pair of flip flops, but they can easily fall apart. Why not wear open toe athletic shoes instead? Opetoz toeless tennis shoes combines the support of athletic shoes with the refreshing comfort of open toe shoes. These shoes would be perfect for taking a long walk on the beach during a beautiful southern sunset!

The Pool

If you happen to be in South Florida, it feels warm enough to take a dip in the pool for most of the year. Why not venture out to the pool in your OpeToz open toe athletic shoes? Your feet will remain cool and dry no matter how hot and humid it may be without sacrificing the comfort of athletic shoes. That’s a win-win situation.

Post Pedicure

Remember, you are on vacation, so you will want to pamper yourself. If you will be hitting up the beaches and the pools, your toes need to look as polished as possible. Florida includes a plethora of nail salons to tend to your pedicure needs, and you will most likely find yourself wandering into one. As we all know, you cannot wear open toe shoes for hours after receiving a pedicure or else you will ruin it. If you want to venture out and about following a pedicure, the best shoes that you can wear are our toeless sneakers. This way you will protect your fresh pedicure and still remain comfortable as you go about your day.

Your Trip To Disney World

Many people venture out to Florida to explore the magical destination in Orlando, Disney World. Our open toe athletic shoes are perfect for exploring Disney World. Although it may feel hot and humid outside, your feet will remain cool and dry in your open toe athletic shoes. Not only that, your feet will remain comfortable and supported as you stroll through the different areas.

Before you take your annual trip to Florida, visit OpeToz to shop for your favorite pair of open toe athletic shoes. Browse our colorful selection today to find your favorite toeless sneakers today.

Written by Megan Gray

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