Are you in the market for a new pair of athletic shoes? Why not go with a pair of open toe athletic shoes? Until now, you probably never knew that such shoes existed, but they do. Open toe walking shoes provide the comfort and support of athletic shoes with the coolness of a pair of open toe shoes. Perfect for a hot summer day, your feet will stay nice and cool in OpeToz® as you go about your day. These toeless shoes are also great for anyone seeking post-operative shoes. If your job requires you to be out and about on your feet for long periods of time but you need to wear open toe shoes, then these shoes are perfect for you. OpeToz comes in a variety of different color combinations for you to choose from. Today we would like to discuss these different color combinations and what they say about you:

Black and Red

Black and red is always a winning combination, except in the case of the Atlanta Falcons last Super Bowl. Black and red is a bold color choice perfect for the truly athletic ladies out there. This bold mixture of colors represents a variety of sports teams, including the Georgia Bulldogs.

Black and White

This classic combination of black and white is perfect for the ladies who want to wear their OpeToz with a variety of different outfits. This color scheme matches well with all different types of colors in your wardrobe. For the ladies who want to look good without drawing much attention to themselves, these colors could be perfect for you.


Blue and Green

This colorful combination is reminiscent of the colors of the sea, and is perfect for women who love wearing cooler colors. Both blue and green are considered calming colors, so this could be a great color selection for ladies who need to remind themselves to chill out from time to time.

Coral and White

This pastel colored pair of shoes is perfect for the springtime. Springtime often conjures up images of the pastel colors associated with Easter. For women who love softer colors, this blend of pastel with white is a winner.

Green and Black

Our green and black pair of toeless shoes are a little bit flashier than the color combinations that we’ve observed so far. Green and black looks great for the women who want to be seen and who want to show off their fresh pedicures. If you go with this pair, try painting your toenails a dazzling shade of red to beautifully contrast the green in the shoe.

Pink and Green

Like the last color combination, this pair of shoes are meant to be seen. The beautifully feminine shade of pink contrasts quite nicely with the pastel shade of green. For the ladies with a girlier, more feminine style, these shoes would complement you nicely.

With so many different color pairings, it may be hard to choose which pair you would like to purchase. In that case, buy a few different pairs so that you have the right OpeToz for your outfit everyday.

Written by OpeToz Shoes

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