Let’s face it: some of us just don’t like to be fenced in, which can mean different things for different people. We’ve all probably met the perpetual bachelor who always seems to have a different woman on his arm but can never seem to commit. Some people move from place to place, never really settling down in any one area to call their home permanently. Some people jump from profession to profession, easily getting bored with their job once they’ve mastered it. On the other hand, some of us just don’t like to wear closed toe shoes. It can make our feet feel clammy and uncomfortable, and we prefer to feel the breeze between our toes. If you feel averse to wearing closed toe shoes, then Opetoz® open toe athletic shoes are perfect for you.

What Are OpeToz?

OpeToz are open toe athletic shoes, which means that you can still feel the comfort and support of wearing athletic shoes without closing in your toes. This means that no matter how hot it may be, you can walk around and go about your business all day without your feet feeling hot or uncomfortable.

What’s The Story Behind OpeToz?

OpeToz originated after our founder received surgery on both of her feet. Unfortunately, she could not wear open toed shoes following her surgery even though her job required her to work mostly on her feet all day. Sandals and flip flops were just not providing her with the comfort and support that she needed, so she cut the toes out of a pair of her running shoes. When she visited her local nail salon to get a pedicure, her toeless sneakers were turning heads. Quickly, the other women in the shop asked her about her shoes and inquired where they could buy them. Our founder decided to start her own line of open toe athletic shoes, and the rest is history.

Are You Undergoing Foot Surgery?

If you are undergoing foot surgery for ingrown toenails, bunions, or other issues, then you are  a perfect candidate for OpeToz. Unlike sandals and other traditional open toe shoes, our open toe athletic shoes have great traction. The last thing that you want to experience after foot surgery is a serious fall, so these shoes can be great for you. Not only do our toeless sneakers have great traction but they provide excellent support and comfort as well. Have you ever walked in supportive flip flops? We didn’t think so, so try our open toe tennis shoes today.

About That Pedicure…

Since the idea for open toe athletic shoes originated in a nail salon, why not wear a pair of OpeToz the next time that you receive a pedicure? The worst possible thing that you can do following a pedicure is to put on a pair of closed toe shoes. Wearing closed toe shoes before your polish even dries ruins a perfectly good pedicure. By wearing a pair of OpeToz, you will protect your pedicure without sacrificing your comfort.

Are you interested in OpeToz? Shop our selection of open toe athletic shoes today, which come in a variety of colors to choose from.

Written by Megan Gray

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